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Carbide Bur Cutting Tools

CarbideBur.Com is a wholesale supplier of carbide burs, endmills and accessories.  We have streamlined our process and technology so that we can provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality at low prices.  Shop around and you will see that we are the best source for carbide burs.

All of our items are in stock and shipped the same day the order is received for fast delivery.  We treat all of our customers like GOLD whether you are a hobbyist ordering a single bur or a foundry ordering 1000's.

Check out our woodworking and woodcarving page
Check out our automotive porting and tire repair burs.
Check out our equine dentist carbide bur tools used for horse teeth.


Our burs are used by:

     Automotive Professionals
                    Tool and Die Shops
                              Mold Manufacturers
...and many more.

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Standard Cut


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Double Cut

Standard cut is a general purpose tool designed for cast iron, steel, some copper and brass, and other ferrous materials.  It will give good material removal and good work piece finishes Double Cut allows for rapid stock removal in harder materials.  The addition of the left hand flutes reduces the pulling action, allowing better operator control.  It reduces the size of the chips and can be used at slower than normal speeds.

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